Way to Win Statement on Israel and Palestine Conflict

Way to Win
2 min readOct 19, 2023

The entire Way to Win community sends our prayers and strength to everyone affected by the recent conflict unfolding in Palestine and Israel. We strongly condemn violence and terrorism, and believe that all people deserve a life of safety and freedom.

We acknowledge the complex history of the region. We see how the actions of corrupt and failed leaders are putting the lives of thousands of innocent people at extreme risk, and threatens to destabilize the entire region.

We stand in solidarity with other groups and leaders calling for an immediate ceasefire to allow for a mass humanitarian mission in the region to begin. This would include releasing captives, attending to the sick and wounded, and providing much needed relief to the people of Gaza, like food, water, electricity, medicine, and most importantly, safety.

Muslims and Jewish people remain the targets of discrimination and persecution, and after flare-ups of armed conflict, they are subject to more acute and dangerous forms of hatred and bigotry from people of ill-intent across the globe, including right here in America. We must call out anti-Muslim and antisemitic actions and rhetoric with equal force and moral clarity. There is no place for the degradation of humanity in our society.

The vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians are peace-seeking people, who collectively abhor the violence and loss of life that happens with unfortunate regularity in the region. The majority desires a peaceful solution where two states can live in harmony. The majority values and respects human life and the freedom to live a dignified life. None of this will be easy to come by until the baseline of our shared humanity can prevail.

May our work here at home reflect the universal truth that all human beings have value and deserve to be free. May we use our voices and collective influence to move our leaders toward meaningful actions and interventions that bring peace and set the table for lasting change in the region.

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