Way to Win Donors Discuss the 2020 Race and the Emergence of COVID-19

By Samantha Robles, Digital Communications Associate

Way to Win convened its donor community this week as the progressive movement faces down two fundamental shifts in the political landscape: the settling Democratic Primary and the emergence of COVID-19. Way to Win members heard polling and strategy updates from Sean McElwee from Data for Progress, LaTosha Brown from Black Voters Matter, and Stephanie Valencia from Equis Labs.

Slide from Way to Win webinar

The webinar, which was moderated by incoming Vice President and co-founder Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, offered members first-look findings on a Data for Progress poll commissioned by Way to Win that showed bold, reflective candidates must be considered in order to energize our base and round out the top of the ticket. Something that both LaTosha Brown from Black Voters Matter and Stephanie Valencia from Equis Labs helped to underscore. We also saw that progressive candidates have made a lasting impression on the electorate — moving a theory forward on policies like robust changes to our health care system, 100% clean energy, and paid family leave.

During this webinar for members and donors, Way to Win’s President Tory Gavito called for continued involvement in the way forward. “Now more than ever, we must continue to invest in the groups and communities most affected by this crisis. Come hell or high water, Americans are in this because of Trump’s inability to govern ethically and compassionately. We know who Trump is and we know that to defeat him we have to look broadly at how to build a coalition that will lead us to victory.”

Within our national Plan to Win, Way to Win is focusing first on states anchoring the Southwest, Southeast, and industrial Midwest: Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Organizations funded in the Plan to Win have been organizing communities year-round and have moved the needle on substantial change across the board. The following are examples of progressive victories achieved by Way to Win grantees:

[View a preview of the Plan to Win by clicking here.]

The Data for Progress poll commissioned by Way to Win also explored how progressive values fared among voters in battleground states. Sean McElwee dove into these results, sharing that progressive values are still worth fighting for in more conservative districts.

Part of first-look poll briefing by Data for Progress

Way to Win members can view the full webinar and access additional data from the Data for Progress poll via their DocSend portals. If you are interested in learning more about our membership and how to access our webinar program, please contact Leah Marsters at lmarsters@waytowin.us.

As an organization steeped in both donor advising and advocacy, Way to Win understands its responsibility to lead by example and promote stability during this uncertain time. The team is still working hard to ensure that the communities fighting for the future of democracy have the resources they need to win.

Way to Win is a progressive strategy hub co-founded in 2017 by Tory Gavito, Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, and Leah Hunt-Hendrix, and is comprised of donors and community organizers partnering with candidates and local grassroots organizations creating a new approach to politics as we know it. Way to Win supports representation reflective of the values and diversity of the United States. They seek to facilitate lasting progressive change that will transform our government for the better, and bring true equity to all facets of U.S. government.

Way to Win will be lifting the paywall on key donor communications so that donors can access funding and strategy updates in order to make more informed decisions. Follow Way to Win on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and visit our website for more information.



A homebase for progressive donors and organizers seeking a strategic approach to political funding that builds lasting power in states.

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A homebase for progressive donors and organizers seeking a strategic approach to political funding that builds lasting power in states.