Remembering George Floyd

Way to Win
1 min readApr 21, 2021

A message from Tory Gavito President & Co-Founder of Way to Win:

Last night we collectively took a breath. But there is no justice in the results of the Chauvin trial.

The guilty verdict handed down in Minnesota was the lowest bar we should set for ourselves as an accountability measure. We will continue to mourn the loss of George Floyd, to remember his loving family who laid him to rest in Houston last summer. Today we recommit ourselves to the work.

We must continue to dedicate ourselves to dismantling white supremacy and building power for a multiracial democracy. It is the only way we get to the other side — where whole communities thrive.

I hope we all take some time to find healing and hope. I am so grateful I can count on the power of movement and the community we’ve built together to bend the arc toward justice, together.

In solidarity,

Tory Gavtio



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