In Support of Texas Democrats and Voting Rights Everywhere

This week, 51 Texas Democrats flew to Washington D.C. to call out TX Republicans’ sham special session and to break quorum on anti-voter bills, like TX SB7. Texas Democrats are using this moment to nationalize a local fight to protect democracy. August recess is just around the corner, Congress must pass the For the People Act (S1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4) now, and Texas Dems are on site to ensure they do so. Texas Democrats are honoring the bold leadership of previous Texas Democrats who have changed this nation — from Barbara Jordan to Ann Richards.

The power of movement and community support has emboldened the Texas elected official delegation to go big, and not go home. Their fight is our fight. Representatives are buoyed by Way to Win supported organizations: MOVE Texas, Black Voters Matter, Texas Civil Rights Project, Texas Freedom Network, and others in the Texas 4 All coalition. These organizers in Texas have been on the frontlines building power and influence from the community to the statehouse. They have successfully created a drumbeat among voters that we all want free and fair elections.

The Texas 51 have made it their goal to stay in D.C. for the next 30 days. They have the opportunity to maximize pressure on the U.S. Senate and the Biden administration, and possibly help force the hand of Senate Democrats to be as bold and as resourceful as this fight requires. As we all know, passing S1 will likely come down to having all Senate Democrats agree to reform the filibuster. If we can maintain pressure from the outside movement, while Democratic leadership organizes boldly and strategically from the inside, we can move Senators further on this issue and win this fight. We must make sure the entire Democratic Party understands the danger of allowing Jim Crow era legislation to pass across the states. The health of our democracy, from Texas to Pennsylvania; Georgia to Arizona, depends on Congress.

Way to Win and our community will continue to support Texas organizations in their fight against voter suppression. We hope you join us. Make sure to follow us on social media and email for more information to get involved.

All of the work we do together is to build a multiracial democracy that works for the people. Passing federal protections around the freedom to vote is the baseline for building this vision. With time running out, let’s join Texas in showing the country what bold organizing and leadership can accomplish.

Colleen Loper | Director of Political Strategy

Way to Win

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