Gearing up for the 2022 Georgia Runoff

Way to Win
2 min readNov 18, 2022

Once again we are preparing for another runoff election in Georgia. This year, after a historic midterm election, where Democrats secured control of Governors’ mansions in key 2024 swing states, scored state level trifectas in MA, MD, MI and MN, staved off predicted massive losses in the House and now hold control of the Senate following the victories of Fetterman in Pennsylvania and Cortez Masto in Nevada, we are in a uniquely powerful position. Voters are pushing back against MAGA Republican extremism.

In the lead-up to the 2022 midterms, a broad coalition of movement groups led by Way to Win and ASO Communications came together under the banner of #ProtectOurFreedoms to make clear the stakes of the election, in a series of research-backed message principles and 30-second ads.

These message principles and ads are still relevant to the task at hand in Georgia, which is another showdown over our freedoms — from the freedom to decide whether or when we have kids, to the freedom for voters to decide the fate of elections in a democracy.

We have put together an updated toolkit for the GA runoff election on Tuesday, December 6 with ads that are available for groups to customize and focused on ads that worked well in our testing among multiracial voters, particularly young voters and Black voters. It also includes an updated version of the 2022 viral video Freedom for All with GA runoff dates.

Social Media ToolKit — Georgia Runoff Edition

Our goal when creating this work has been to educate voters on the contrast between Trump/MAGA Republicans whose aim is to take us backwards and rule for the wealthy few, and the voters who can take us forward and protect the future of our democracy.

We’re ready to continue fighting back against injustice and oppression. Election Day 2022 may be behind us but we are prepared for what happens next. We’ll see you in Georgia!



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